New safety and functional testers for electrical equipment

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New safety and functional testers for electrical equipmentWhitelegg is launching new fully featured yet cost-effective safety and functional testers for electrical equipment. Designed for machine builders and OEMs, the Whitelegg GLP Basic series testers are simple-to-use, fast and effective tools for benchtop or production testing.

Alternative versions are available to suit different devices under test. Measurements that can be made include: earth resistance, high-voltage AC ground bond resistance, insulation resistance, continuity, short circuit, functional tests, and much more.

Other features included as standard are test and ramp timer, high-speed and high-precision TRMS test, internal clock with calendar, internal storage for up to 10,000 different tests, and storage for up to 250,000 test steps. Connections are: one Ethernet, six USB, one RS232, one HDMI for a monitor, foot switch operation of the test procedure, programmable audio and visual signal generator, and an integrated 24V DC I/O circuit for connection to ancillary devices such as test covers.

All versions are equipped with a 7-inch TFT touchscreen interface that is clear and bright, with simple, intuitive software to make it easy to setup test programs. Test reports and production data can be printed or stored on a PC, and test plans can be written and edited on a PC before being transferred to the tester via the software.

Follow the links for more information about the GLP2 tester and the 60204 Series for testing the electrical safety of machines and devices according to the harmonised electrical safety standard EN 60204 (Safety of machinery. Electrical equipment of machines. General requirements) and VDE 113.

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