Cable glands seal to IP68 yet only need access from one side

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Cable glands seal to IP68 yet only need access from one sideHylec-APL is launching its newly-patented range of Kwik Fix cable glands that feature a locking mechanism that requires access from one side of the panel only – without special tools - yet still achieve an IP68 seal. Kwik Fix cable glands also have a wide operating temperature range of -20 to +100degC so they suit many applications and conditions.

Installation is a simple three-step process:

  1. The gland's base is inserted through the entry with its mounting foot placed up against the internal wall.
  2. An external locking nut, turned anti-clockwise, secures the gland in place and forms the IP68 seal.
  3. The cable is installed in the normal manner and the cap nut is tightened in the conventional clockwise direction.

No special tools

Mark Severn, Director of Sales for Hylec-APL, comments: "Previously, when faced with restricted interior or rear access, installers have been forced to use products that do not guarantee the seal. Also they often required special tools. Our Kwik Fix cable glands are easily installed and removed from one side only, making installation and maintenance much simpler and reducing costs. Moreover, these glands take up less space, leaving more room for wiring etc."

Kwik Fix cable glands are suitable for all standard hole sizes (M16, M20, M25 and M32) and fit panel thicknesses of 1-4mm. They carry UL and VDE approval. Follow the link for more information about the Kwik Fix cable glands and to watch a short video that shows the cable gland being installed.

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