Expanded ETT linear motor series offers high performance

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Expanded ETT linear motor series offers high performanceParker is expanding its series of ETT linear motor rod-style actuators, further enhancing its offer within the linear motor product range. Well suited for pneumatic substitution where greater position control capabilities are required, the ETT offers high thermal efficiencies and reduced maintenance combined with IP67 protection for harsh environment use.

Available in four lengths and four sizes, the ETT tubular motor series is capable of delivering significant thrust values of up to 2083N peak force, travel speeds of up to 8m/s and accelerations of up to 350m/s2. With repeatability of +/-0.05mm, the ETT is a good choice for all kinds of linear handling and pick & place applications requiring high dynamic performance. Precise control and positioning are guaranteed through the use of a 1Vpp Sine/Cosine encoder. Being cost-effective and energy-efficient, ETT is also the right alternative to pneumatic cylinders in applications that demand greater flexibility and positional control, as well as precise control of force and speed. Full compliance to the DIN ISO 15552:2005-12 pneumatic cylinder flange standard helps to simplify the mechanical integration of ETT and reduces engineering effort.

ETT is a ‘direct drive’ actuator; therefore the motion is generated without mechanical transmission elements like ball screws, toothed belts or gearboxes that can present important installation, operation and maintenance challenges and costs.

Another important feature of the ETT is its suitability for high duty cycles without the need of additional cooling. For this reason and the motor’s high thermal efficiency, reliability and mechanical life are very high.

ETT has been designed to be controlled by any standard servo drive with either a 230 or 400 (ETT080)V AC supply voltage, removing the need to use a special low-voltage drive. Parker has a wide range of servo drive options that are suitable for use with the ETT, enabling customers to obtain the complete motion system from one supplier.

A wide variety of optional accessories are available for the ETT Electric Tubular Motor series to aid easy and flexible mounting. With the ETT025 variant Parker has also added motor connectors thus replacing flying cables.

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