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SEW-Eurodrive is promoting its award-winning MOVIGEAR decentralised mechatronic drive system that is typically able to reduce energy consumption by up to 50 per cent compared with standard drive products. Well suited to materials handling and conveying applications, MOVIGEAR is designed with high-efficiency individual components and combines the gearing, motor and drive electronics in a single unit. Its energy saving capabilities have been confirmed numerous times in various situations, including on real-life customer applications by comparing detailed before-and-after test results.

The energy costs to run equipment are made up of the actual mechanical energy required to drive it, combined with energy losses due to inefficiency. Savings can therefore only be achieved if these losses are reduced to an absolute minimum, an ability that SEW Eurodrive states places MOVIGEAR in a class of its own. Typical applications include, materials handling, automotive, food and beverage industries, and airport logistics. MOVIGEAR isn’t just an investment in future-oriented, intelligent drive technology – it cuts energy costs immediately and provides real Life Cycle cost reduction.

MOVIGEAR is part of SEW Eurodrive’s highly efficient decentralised range of products that make it possible to do away with control cabinets saving space, reducing costs and the laborious, time-consuming wiring of motors, sensors and actuators, not to mention the elimination of much of the costly cabling.

All the products in the company’s decentralised range of drive systems fulfil three important criteria in that they are modular, flexible and highly economical. The combination of innovative products and services with in-depth application knowledge enables SEW Eurodrive’s engineers to provide customer systems that are world class by matching products and services with customers’ specific requirements.

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