Miniature motor packs a punch with optimum efficiency

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Miniature motor packs a punch with optimum efficiencyDunkermotoren is promoting its miniature BGA22 rare earth, permanent magnet motor. The increasing trend for smaller, more compact diagnostic and analytical devices for applications such as laboratory robotics, medical pick-and-place systems and also handheld devices brings challenges for component manufacturers and suppliers. The message is 'make it smaller, lighter, more compact, but with the same or improved performance.' Motors are an essential component in many of these devices so the BGA22 brushless DC (BLDC) motor by will be of interest for these applications.

Measuring 22mm in diameter by 38mm long and weighing 65g, the BGA22 is the smallest motor in the Dunkermotoren range and provides outstanding power-to-size and power-to-weight, so it is well suited to smaller medical devices or similar handheld equipment.

Innovation in motor design

The impressive power-to-size ratio and rigidity of the motor, combined with high power density and energy efficiency, is achieved as a result of its innovative axial flux stacked windings design. The stacking of magnet and winding discs is an innovation in motor design, and this is a significant factor in the power-to-size ratios exceeding those of traditional coreless motors and contributes to extended operation in battery powered systems. The motor's axial flux design also has no cogging torque and therefore no vibration and quiet operation.

Getting new products to market as quickly as possible can also be challenging for machine builders; however, Dunkermotoren's modular system enables quick customisation to suit the specific requirements of individual projects, whether it requires precise positioning, low speeds with a gearbox or a combination of both.

This technology also helps to solve the problems of losing steps. For example, the motor avoids the high-frequency noise, subsonic vibration and higher motor temperatures that can occur with stepper motors.

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