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Cabinet-mounted valve islands now offer simplified installation and maintenance requirements as part of customised offerings for a range of industries. Emerson have unveiled a panel mount adaptor plate for the ASCO Numatics 501 Series of pneumatic valve islands, enabling the valve island to be directly mounted to the cabinet. The 501 Series valve provides the flow of a 15mm to 20mm valve in a compact 11mm size, addressing customer needs for space savings and simplified construction and assembly.

Many of the complicated internal connections found in traditional cabinets are eliminated, and the design is considerably streamlined. This offers customers increased versatility and reduced component complexity when using valve islands and electronics in small spaces, or damp and aggressive environments. EmersonĀ“s design has the smallest footprint on the market, allowing for assembly possibilities where they would have previously not been possible.

Yannick Guenard, Valve Island Product Manager for ASCO Numatics, says: “The 501 Series panel mount adapter plate fulfils our customersĀ“ needs for space savings, easy panel construction and assembly. It eliminates the need for complex tubing routing and bulkhead fittings, reduces custom machining and drilling and simplifies panel layout.”

As with traditional cabinet systems, this ASCO Numatics product is also highly resistant to corrosion, thanks to cabinets that are constructed from anodised aluminium or AISI 316L stainless steel for high protection and resistance against regular cleaning from harsh chemicals - very common in applications where hygiene is a top priority.

Designed for easy maintenance, the systems also include an integrated valve shut off accessory to individually isolate any valve in the circuit, allowing for valve maintenance and replacement without shutting down the entire process.

The mounting plate adapter allows OEMs and end users to directly connect the 501 Series valve manifold to a panel in the wall or floor of a cabinet. All panel strength, integrity and certifications are maintained.

Guenard says: “With our space-saving cabinet-mounted solutions, we have managed to provide a versatile and economic solution that will stand the test of time in these typical environments without compromising on performance. Our cabinet-mounted solutions consider the unique requirements of each individual customer.”

The panel mount adapter plate is suitable for applications in the process industries, for example for food and beverage, pharmaceutical and packaging machinery, plus general machine automation. Go to for further information.

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