50m cable lengths for USB 3.0 cameras approach GigE capabilities

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50m cable lengths for USB 3.0 cameras approach GigE capabilitiesA new type of USB cable being offered by IDS (Imaging Development Systems GmbH) now allows the high image data transmission rates (5Gbps) from USB 3.0 cameras to be achieved over distances of up to 50m. Previously theses transmission distances were only possible using GigE cameras (up to 100m) or relying on cables with repeaters if other data transmission standards were used.

This new cable is a hybrid with optical fibre as the transmission medium and copper to allow the supply of power to the device – a facility previously unavailable with USB 3.0 cables. The optical fibre cable is immune to electromagnetic interference, and is very flexible, with a bending radius of 20mm being possible. In addition, the cable features built-in SuperTT technology which is capable of realising mutual conversion between USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 protocols. This capability means that not only is this active cable fully compatible with USB 2.0 cameras but also enables USB 2.0 equipment to share the super speed bandwidth (5 Gbps) offered by USB 3.0.

The screw-on metal housing for plug-in connectors and a highly flexible drag chain cable meet customers’ exacting requirements. Hybrid cable lengths up to 50m can be used without adding any relay device which makes these cables particularly suitable for applications where there is no on-site power supply. When used with a USB hub, multiple USB 2.0 equipment may exclusively share the peak bandwidth of 480Mbps.

More information about the USB cable is available at the IDS online webstore.

16 November 2015

IDS Imaging Development Systemsvisit website
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