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Bonfiglioli is launching a new planetary gear 300M series for industrial applications. The 300M series, with its optimised reduction stages, stands for highest performance, a higher torque density for the same compact dimensions and is available in 20 sizes with an output torque of 1.3 to 1300kNm. The planetary drives of the 300M series are equipped with newly designed planet bearings, which grant up to 50 per cent more torque at high numbers of cycles. The new planetary gear 300M series by Bonfiglioli is fully interchangeable with the well-known planetary gear 300 series and is suitable for integrated geared motors, IEC and NEMA electric and hydraulic motors.

Optionally, Bonfiglioli offers a compact self-cooling system for the entire planetary gear series, which increases the thermal performance by three times. The self-cooling system is robust and connects directly to the motor in a reliable way, allowing use of the full mechanical power without needing further external cooling circuits.

Thanks to the enhancement of the planet bearings arrangements, the 300M series ensures compactness and cost savings as well as up to 20 per cent more lifetime and reliability. With the optional integrated self-cooling system, the new 300M series allows either a saving of at least one size or is an outstanding alternative to helical gearboxes. In addition, this integrated option is environmentally friendly as no external cooling system is needed. Typical industries for the application are material handling, cranes and winches, mining, recycling, water and waste water, food and beverages, as well as numerous other industries where it comes down to a high torque density with an optimised space requirement.

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21 June 2017

Bonfiglioli UK (Industrial)visit website
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