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Parker has considerable first-hand experience in the complex topic of integrating servo motor kits into machines, especially when working with demanding OEMs. The company is now promoting its servo motor kits to machine builders and system integrators, particular those seeking exceptional precision, reliability and robustness in comparison with conventional machine construction techniques.

When it comes to selection of the right servo motors, Parker has turned the re-engineered the process to deliver high performance servo motor kits that can be skilfully be integrated directly into today’s sophisticated machines. This approach gives a variety of benefits to the customer including, improve ROI, increased design flexibility, end-user energy savings, compact dimensions, overall machine performance improvements and not to be forgotten more secure intellectual property. Usually design engineers have used standard servomotor products, which frequently need to be adapted to the machine’s mechanical configuration using couplings.

Traditionally the construction of the machine starts with the functional definition of the system being specified by the mechanical design department. In turn this is followed by the search for standard motorisation, often which must be modified to the mechanical system with various couplings, gearboxes, flanges etc. Parker engineers like to get involved as early as possible in the machine design phase. That way working in close partnership, the main elements, of the “stator” and “rotor” will be selected to seamlessly integrate with the aim from the outset of reducing complexity.

The “kit” servo motor approach offers many advantages over traditional technologies:

  • Maximum energy efficiency as all couplings and mechanical components (pulleys, belts, gearboxes etc.) usually necessary for the motor adaptation are not required
  • Reduced footprint and total weight
  • A unique approach thanks to mechanical and electrical adaptation to the corresponding application requirements
  • Reduced maintenance thanks to the mechanical simplification of the machine
  • Quiet operation especially when water-cooled options are used

The components for Parker’s kits come from its proven, high-performance standard motor platform that ensures quick availability. The parts are already used in global sectors such as energy, medical, machine tools and industrial machinery.

A complete range of products is available to meet the design needs of many different mechanical systems. The NK kit series, for example, is available with a torque range up to 42Nm, while for more demanding applications the NKW water-cooled series covers the range up to 72Nm (for speeds up to 15,000 rpm). In addition, Parker’s K series is available for low-voltage applications. Several sensor types can be used with the motor kits, depending on application requirements such as robustness, resolution and accuracy.

Parker’s experience and know-how in the design, manufacture and integration of frameless servomotors means that the company can also offer other high speed products with its HKW and SKW series, as well as the high torque TKW series. In addition, Parker is also happy to develop highly customised systems upon request.

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