AC10 Compact Drive offers extreme IP66 environmental protection

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AC10 Compact Drive offers extreme IP66 environmental protectionParker Hannifin is extending the power range of its popular IP66/NEMA 4x protected, variable frequency AC10 Compact Drive series up to 90kW.

One of the smallest compact drives available, the AC10 IP66 delivers simple yet proficient motor control in day-to-day applications requiring speed or torque control within the power range of 0.4 to 90kW. The extension up to 90 kW for their IP66 range is in direct response to market demand for a high-power compact drive able to resist harsher environmental conditions.

IP (ingress protection) ratings are defined in the international IEC standard, EN 60529. The rating’s first digit, in this case ‘6’ relates to the level of dust protection (6 means the drive is dust-tight). The rating’s second digit, again ‘6’, concerns its water protection (6 means that water projected in powerful jets shall not enter the enclosure in harmful quantities). Parker AC10 IP66 offers all of the benefits of AC10 series drives but with added environmental protection, validated by IEC, to allow operation in difficult conditions.

For design engineers and machine builders, AC10 IP66 provides a no-fuss approach to general purpose industrial motor control applications across a wide range of industries. The IP66 enclosure enables its use in both indoor and outdoor applications where harsh conditions may be a concern, such as wash-down areas in food and beverage facilities, and in waste plants or rooftop units.

Offering features typically only associated with higher specification drives, AC10 IP66 provides sensor-less vector mode, an output frequency of up to 590Hz, three-phase 230V and 400V supplies in all five frame sizes, and a full 150 per cent overload for 1 minute. In addition, the compact drive is designed to cut the time and effort needed to install, set-up and commission using its integrated keypad. Ultimately, it provides an optimised product for OEM machine builders looking for a compact, cost-effective drive with IP66 protection without compromising on performance.

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