Powerful new controllers support precision hydraulic control

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Powerful new controllers support precision hydraulic controlThe Electronic Controls Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation is introducing its new IQAN-MC4x family of high-performance controllers for precision, real-time control of hydraulic systems. The IQAN-MC4x family comprises a total of three scalable designs covering a wide range of applications including cost-efficient task-oriented control, mid-size applications, I/O distribution and large centralised control systems. The fully scalable approach that Parker Hannifin has implemented means that each size of controller in the family has the same pinout, same software and same feature-set allowing easy up/down-grading and scaling of the application. The latest generation processor and new design concept has resulted in an integrated, cost-conscious, controller family with a small footprint and high performance. Even applications that demand high levels of computing capacity can be supported with down to 1ms cycle time. Functional safety applications are supported up to SIL2.

Parker’s MC4x family is designed specifically to meet the demands of the mobile machinery industry, especially harsh performance and environmental requirements including water, humidity, vibration and shifting temperatures. With the Molex MX123 connector system the whole installation, not just the controller itself, is time, space and cost efficient for OEMs.

The highly connectable IQAN-MC4x boasts 50 inputs (analogue, timers, digital) and 36 outputs (CAM, PWM and digital) along with five CAN and Ethernet ports for in-vehicle network and diagnostics. Alongside the common voltage, digital and frequency inputs the MC4x family also includes 0-35 volt and 4-20 mA inputs giving the OEM higher freedom in selecting sensors for their specific application needs.

Motion control is made easy with Parker Hannifin’s CAM regulator for proportional current control of mobile valves. Requiring no tuning or tweaking the CAM regulator circuit offers precision current control down to 1mA and zero drift control ensures that the offset current drift over time, temperature or load changes is almost immeasurable.

The MC4x family is compatible with the existing IQAN applications and the transition from previous generations is simple and quick. The IQANdesign platform is used for programming, simulation, testing, production, service and maintenance ensuring that OEM development of new machine functionality can be done faster than ever before.

Commenting on the new IQAN-MC4x controller family, Johan Liden, Product Manager IQAN Electronics, Electronic Controls Division, Parker Hannifin says: “This new release of the powerful MC4x family is a further example of how the complete system approach Parker Hannifin has taken to IQAN gives our customers a competitive edge. The compact size and advanced functionality coupled with the extremely broad connectivity options mean that we expect this to be the controller system of choice for hydraulic control. This is truly a well-integrated hardware and software solution for developing superior machine functionality.”

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