PSTX softstarters incorporate safety-related motor braking

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ABB will supply an advanced but still compact motor starting product with the innovative PSTX softstarter range – with features that were previously only available with variable speed drives.

Pietro Esposto, Global Product Manager for ABB’s Business Unit Control Products, says: “In terms of system and safety control, the integrated motor brake function enables fast stop of a motor which for example operates a circular saw or a fan. By reducing the stop time for the motor, lives can be saved as every second of rotation matters. Also, the efficiency of the operation is dramatically increased as the process safety, especially for loads with high inertia, is improved.”

Securing the motor reliability is one of the main benefits provided by the PSTX range. As the inrush current to start electric motors is reduced by 60 per cent, less stress is put on the motor thus reducing the cost of maintenance and repairs. Over 10 motor protections are included to keep motors safe from overloads and network irregularities.

Torque control, pump cleaning, jog with slow speed and many more features take motor starting to a new level. The torque control function, for example, is increasing application productivity by starting and stopping pumps while avoiding water hammering. The motor heating function avoids low starting temperature of the motor, ensuring it to be always ready to start.

PSTX is also improving installation efficiency by providing integrated functionality avoiding additional devices and thus saving space and cost. A user-friendly and clear display saves time and resources during both setup and operation.

To facilitate the selection of the PSTX softstarter, ABB offers an online selection tool as well as a desktop application. Defining the parameters of your application and motor specifications the optimal softstarter is selected.

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15 April 2016

ABB Automation Technologies (Drives and Motors)visit website
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