K Series frameless servo motors: efficient and compact

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K Series frameless servo motors: efficient and compactParker Hannifin is increasing its range of frameless Permanent Magnet AC (PMAC) motors with the introduction of the low-voltage K Series. These servo motors are particularly suitable for use by machine builders in applications where compactness, reliability, precision and cost-effectiveness are critical. The CE-certified K Series helps simplify machine design as both the rotor and stator are directly implemented inside the system. With low voltage capability starting from 12V AC, the K motor series cover a speed range up to 10,000 rpm, and continuous torque to 23Nm. The K Series is suitable for applications such as rotating tables, compressors and mixers, plus many others in industries such as food & beverage, packaging and life sciences.

K Series servo motors are constructed with magnets glued to the rotor, compact copper coils for a shorter size and a large hollow shaft. Five different diameters are available (32, 44, 64, 89 and 178mm) along with three different lengths per diameter and three torque/speed levels per length.

Parker synchronous PMAC brushless motors deliver also many advantages over the asynchronous motor technology. For example, they occupy as little as a quarter of the space at the same power rating and offer higher efficiency of between 90 and 95 per cent. In addition, K Series motors give full torque at low-speed, while accuracy is enhanced and vibration and inertia reduced. Natural cooling and maintenance-free operation are further benefits.

Despite being lightweight, K Series motors provide high levels of inherent stiffness and robustness to help ensure accuracy. Early adopters of the K Series include a manufacturer of mobile laser scanning technology who is using the motors to rotate the mirrors in its laser scanners. Due to the fast scanning process in this application, requirements included 7500 rpm speed capability. The K Series’ operation, compatibility with any third party drive system and its 12V AC operation were also important to the customer.

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