New TMB series magnetic plugs from Elesa

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New TMB series magnetic plugs from ElesaElesa’s new range of magnetic plugs collect ferrous/magnetic particles inside machinery such as gearboxes, engines, pumps and so on which are subject to wear. Once collected about the magnetic core of the plug these particles are separated from lubricating/hydraulic oil and are thus not able to cause further wear or damage.

TMB series sump plugs feature a powerful AlNiCo (aluminium-nickel-cobalt) magnet to attract these particles and keep them out of circulation where they may then be removed at the next oil change.

TMB plugs are capable of sustaining high tightening torque and may be used even in pressurised reservoirs. They are available in M14 to M42 sizes – also imperial ¼ to 1 ½ in. Operating temperatures with NBR sealing ring are -20deg to +100deg – and with FKM sealing then from -20deg to +180deg.

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