Effilence boosts efficiency of high-capacity screw compressors

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Effilence boosts efficiency of high-capacity screw compressorsLarge-scale users of compressed air can achieve significant reductions in energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions thanks to high-efficiency compressor technology from BOGE. The new Effilence BS 432 is a high-capacity twin-screw air end suitable for compressors up to 250kW in size. The largest unit of its type ever produced at the company’s Grossenhain facility, the new air end is capable of operating at pressures of up to 14 bar and flow rates of up to 48m3/min.

The Effilence air end has been designed specifically to address industry’s needs for greater capacity, flexibility and energy efficiency. Compared with its predecessor, the new unit produces 15 per cent greater output at a given operating speed and offers specific energy consumption (kw/m3/min) around 9 per cent lower. Critically for users of modern variable speed compressor installations, the efficiency benefits of the new air end are maintained across the full range of operating speeds. At low speeds, the specific energy consumption of the Effilence BS 432 can be as much as 25 per cent lower than the previous BS 480 unit.

During this year, the Effilence air end is being introduced as standard across all models in the in the BOGE S range with a capacity of 110kW and over. Like the smaller models in the range, which have already received new air end technology, the new units can be identified by the suffix -3 in the model name. The first compressors to use the new technology will include three fixed speed models, (SL 181 -3, SL 221 -3 and SL 271 -3) with discharge pressures of 7.5 bar, 10 bar, 13 bar and rated motor powers of 132kW, 160kW and 200kW respectively, and three variable speed models (SL 181 -3, SL 221 -3 and SL 271 -3) with the same rated motor powers, adjustable between 24 and 100 per cent output to delivery discharge pressures of between 7.5 and 13 bar.

All models in the S range include maintenance free, high efficiency direct drive, an energy-saving speed controlled fan and the powerful but easy to use Focus 2.0 control system. Standard options available on all units include heat recovery and water cooling.

Contact a BOGE representative or visit the BOGE website for further information about the new Effilence BS 432.

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