DA Series high-performance electric actuators

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The DA Series of electromechanical linear actuators available in the UK through INMOCO is designed around an integrated motor and roller screw, a compact configuration that provides excellent performance.

Sourced from Diakont in San Diego, California, DA actuators are utilised in demanding applications in automation and robotics, resistance welding, machine tool positioning, semiconductor manufacturing, packaging machines, and many other fields. They are used as alternatives to hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, doing away with the need for power packs and compressors.

The state-of-the-art components within the DA actuators contribute to excellent precision, power, and reliability. The advanced roller screw design, for instance, provides a high-performance method for converting rotary torque to linear motion. With a high level of surface contact and minimal backlash, the DA unit roller screws are ultra-reliable and have a long working life while offering excellent load capacity, tolerance to shock loads, absence of vibration, and output efficiency.

DA actuators incorporate integrated permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) that maintain exact accuracy in highly dynamic and/or high force applications. Furthermore, efficiency is achieved because the motor’s rotating output shaft is directly coupled to the actuator’s drive mechanism.

DA actuators can produce a continuous force of up to 22300N (5013 lbf) and speed of up to 833mm/sec (32.8 in/sec). Standard units have a nominal backlash of less than 0.1mm (0.004 in), and zero backlash options are also available. The lead accuracy is 0.025mm/300mm (0.001 in/ft). Constructed from a robust design and manufacturing process, DA actuators withstand temperature extremes (-40degC to +100degC), shock and vibration and are available with IP66 ratings.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, DA actuators are equipped with patented in-situ lubrication ports which are designed so that re-lubrication, the only actuators’ only required maintenance, is carried out without having to disassemble the actuators or even remove them from their mounting.

Diakont offers a broad range of standard actuators to suit most requirements. Special actuator configurations and modifications are produced when necessary to meet particular applications. The company is represented exclusively in the UK by INMOCO, which also offers a wide range of compatible motion control components, along with bespoke engineering capabilities, applications expertise, test, and calibration.

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