New GOT2000 flush-mount HMI from Mitsubishi Electric

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New GOT2000 flush-mount HMI from Mitsubishi ElectricWith the launch of a new addition to the GOT2000 family of HMIs, Mitsubishi Electric has introduced a new style of operator interface. The open-frame, back mounting design enables machine builders to reinforce their own brand identity and provides a flush finish to the machine panel for a smarter, more stylish aesthetic. Further, with the addition of an adhesive film that overlaps onto the machine panel, the new Open Frame GOT2000 models offer IP67 protection at the front, meeting the needs of hygiene sensitive applications, for example in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

The flush front surface looks like an integral part of the control panel, which enables machine builders to reinforce their own brand and corporate identities and gives a premium feel to the machine.

With the addition of the environmental protection film with its stainless look, the touch panel blends into the machinery, and fits the needs of hygienic production equipment for the pharmaceutical and food industries, aiding machine builders as they look for competitive advantages.

Further, there are no nooks and crannies for dirt to hide, and the screen can be wiped with a damp cloth and washed with water. The film also allows the HMI to be operated with wet hands.

As well as its smart look and flush mounting, the new Open Frame GOT2000 offers a price advantage when compared with the measures that would normally be required to fully hygienically protect a conventional style HMI for use in sensitive applications.

The design of the Open Frame GOT2000 ensures easy and flexible installation into the panel cut-out, with simple adjustment to different panel thicknesses of between 1.5mm and 4mm. Additionally the edges of the touch panel are protected by a moulding to eliminate the risk of any damage to the HMI during installation.

Valuable features for applications within the food and pharmaceutical industries include data logging from PLCs and other devices, with the presentation of data in lists or graphical form for simple analysis. Further, with built-in web server functionality, the Open Frame GOT2000 can be accessed remotely from a standard web browser on a PC, or its status monitored using the GOT Mobile function on a smartphone or tablet.

Security has also been considered, with the GOT2000 offering operator authentication and operation log functions, enabling users to see who was operating the machine, when, how and for what purpose. With the same features, functions and connectivity options as the front-mounting and well established GT25 models in the GOT2000 range, the new Open Frame GOT2000 boasts advanced functionality and acts as a seamless gateway to other industrial automation devices, helping to drive increases in productivity and efficiency.

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16 August 2016

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