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Conrad Business Supplies is set to introduce a new series of auto-ranging desktop power supplies from Elektro-Automatik. The PSI 9000 DT series provides users with a high-end option that delivers very low-emission DC power in a far smaller package than older, more expensive linear technology power supplies.

The advanced capabilities and features of this new series are well suited for use by electrical engineering and research laboratories, in the telecom, automotive, aerospace and defence industries.

Compared with power supplies with conventional (rectangular) output characteristics, the auto-ranging feature of PSI 9000 DT series, allow to power a large number of devices with different nominal voltages. Furthermore, the highly isolated structure of the device makes it much less sensitive to disturbances and it features an industrial level of immunity to electromagnetic interference (EMI). All supplies in the series are EMI compliant to EN 6100-3-2, 3-32 and EN 55022 class B. Moreover, the DC output is specially filtered to provide for minimum ripple (eff.) and peak-to-peak (p-p) noise.

The design of the PSI 9000 DT has been enhanced to improve the user interface too. This includes a touch-sensitive TFT touch display, three remote control interface options and an integrated function generator, which is also capable of simulating the characteristics of PV, fuel-cell and battery sources. External control is provided through a three-way interface (isolated analogue 0-5V/ 0-10V, USB and Ethernet).

Benedikt Sehr, Product Manager, at Category Business Supplies comments: “This latest power supply series from Elektro-Automatik will permit users who require a highly stable DC output with minimal emissions, to move away from larger, less convenient linear-transistor technology DC sources. We expect it will appeal to our customers with the most exacting requirements for power supplies. The PSI 9000 DT series will join our growing range of units for use in laboratories of all sizes and specialities.”

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