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New Parker Kittiwake machine condition monitoring starter kit Parker Kittiwake is launching a Condition Monitoring Starter Kit. The kit combines the Parker Kittiwake DigiCell combined kit, the Holroyd MHC-Bearing Checker and a pre-loaded tablet computer with a condition monitoring routine and log book to help users maximise the benefits of this kit.

Created with the aim of introducing the power of condition monitoring to owners and operators less familiar with it, the Condition Monitoring Starter Kit combines essential tools that help to protect vulnerable equipment and prevent failure. It utilises modern condition monitoring technology to simplify everyday maintenance observations and provide advance warning of possible maintenance requirements. With deskilled, intuitive technology, the starter kit empowers users with data that enables them to take corrective action and safeguard against potentially catastrophic damage in the worst case, and allows them to prioritise everyday maintenance tasks to maximise operational efficiency.

Analyse oil and bearings

The Parker Kittiwake DigiCell is a state-of-the-art analysis tool that gives engineers a rapid indication of the levels of water in oil as well as an indication of the lubricant's residual Base Number (BN). It is one of shipping's most popular test methods for onboard testing, providing fast, accurate results in real time, enabling easy monitoring of vital trends. Also included in the starter kit is the Holroyd MHC-Bearing Checker, a hand-held 'pocket' instrument that provides engineers with a quick and easy-to-operate analysis of bearing condition using Holroyd acoustic emissions monitoring technology. By monitoring the high-frequency acoustic emission signals naturally generated by deterioration in rotating machinery, the Holroyd MHC-Bearing Checker is able to identify developing machinery faults and provide engineers with condition-related information in the easiest possible form, as either a 'ranked' distress number or a dB (decibel) value. The bearing checker provides data that can be used to monitor for trends and, therefore, degradation of equipment such as pumps, motors or other machinery.

Larry Rumbol, the condition monitoring market development manager at Parker Kittiwake, explains: "For those ship operators that adopt condition monitoring practices, the value it brings is self-evident. We know, however, that many owners, managers and operators, especially of small fleets and smaller vessels, aren’t necessarily aware of the condition monitoring tools and technology available, or the return on investment that a proactive approach can quickly deliver, whatever the vessel or fleet size. This is why we’ve created the Condition Monitoring Starter Kit, which we believe provides a compelling introduction to the power and potential of condition based maintenance, without the requirement for knowledge of ConMon before or after."

To coincide with the launch of the starter kit, Parker Kittiwake has launched a simple eight-question survey which aims to explore condition monitoring practices, barriers to deployment, and the 'wish list' for condition monitoring tools and technology. Open for completion now, the online survey will also be conducted throughout this year's SMM in Hamburg, 6–9 September 2016, and will be open for responses for two weeks thereafter. By better understanding not only the barriers to adopting condition monitoring practices, but also highlighting the equipment failures that owners and operators are struggling most with, Parker Kittiwake aims to offer practical support and counsel to help overcome these issues.

When the survey closes post-SMM, three participating shipowners or operators will be selected to receive a complimentary Condition Monitoring Starter Kit, worth €2,500. The three awarded shipowners or operators will also receive ongoing support and consultancy from Parker Kittiwake free of charge, to ensure that their organisations extract the greatest value from the kit.

To take Parker Kittiwake's short survey please visit this link or come meet the team on stand 209, hall A3 where you’ll be able to complete the 5 minute survey via a tablet.

Rumbol concludes: "For more than two decades, Parker Kittiwake has designed, developed and manufactured condition monitoring and test equipment for lube oil, hydraulic oil, fluids and fuels. Engineers the world over use Parker Kittiwake equipment to gain vital insights into the health of their vessels’ engines and machinery or to measure fuel quality and compatibility. We want to ensure that ship owners and operators understand that condition monitoring is accessible to everyone, no matter what the size of your vessel or fleet- ConMon has come of age and is accessible to and viable for everyone."

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