Han-Modular Twin angular housing for motor connection

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Han-Modular Twin is a new connector housing that allows two modules from the Harting Han-Modular range to be combined in a space-saving and flexible way. The new angular housing means that the system is now easy to use as a motor connector.

In a typical configuration, the housing is fitted to the motor in place of the terminal box with the Han-Modular Twin mounted at a 90 degree angle to the motor. The power connector is particularly useful for bigger motors up to 70A.

Han-Modular Twin can also be used as a double interface, for example combining a module for 4 × 40 A inserts and a second module for 25 signal or data contacts. This arrangement offers a new connection option for servo motors, combining one rectangular and two circular connectors. As a result, a faulty motor can be changed very quickly to reduce production down-time.

Measuring 39 × 44mm, the Han-Modular Twin has the appearance of a small format IP65 industrial connector. The hood is in two parts – an upper part with the cable inlet and the carrier housing underneath. This design makes it easier to fit the inserts into the hood, allowing the cable to be fitted faster and more securely. Cable-to-cable connections can also be made without additional coupling housings or special components.

Please follow the link to download a copy of the Han-Modular T data sheet.

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