DA99 linear roller screw actuators increase reliability

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Transferring proven technology from the nuclear industry to meet other highly demanding applications, Inmoco has introduced the DA99 linear roller screw actuators from Diakont. Leveraging Diakont’s roller screw designs that are utilised by nuclear power plants worldwide, the DA99 actuators deliver increased load capacity in a more compact package, and combine this with greater reliability and longer operational lifetimes compared with other designs.

The DA99 combines an integrated permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) for a compact design and employs a roller screw system for converting rotary torque to linear motion instead of a typical ball screw mechanism, providing increased rigidity and greater load carrying capacity. Reliability is also improved with the DA99 offering an operational life of up to five times longer than a standard ball screw actuator.

Known for long life, rugged construction and minimal maintenance, roller screw actuator designs are suitable for demanding applications. As such, typical uses for the DA99 include heavy presses, bending machines, injection moulding, positioning systems, machine tool axes, robotic weld guns, factory automation and discrete manufacturing applications.

The DA99 is available in 11 versions offering continuous force up to 11,800N, peak force up to 22,000N and dynamic load up to 56,000 N. The DA99 offers stroke lengths from 150mm to 300mm as standard, up to 450mm on request, and with diameters of less than 100mm, DA99 actuators are highly compact for ease of integration into applications where available space is limited.

DA99 actuators are constructed from ruggedised components to deliver increased reliability in harsh environmental conditions. Offered in IP65 protection ratings as standard and suitable for temperatures from –15degC to +40degC, the actuators can also be provided with IP66 protection and rated from temperatures from –55degC to +150degC. DA99 actuators also provide high levels of shock and vibration resistance, and can be optionally supplied in explosion-proof versions.

For increased flexibility, the DA99 actuators offer a number of different mounting possibilities, including front flange, rear clevis, extended tie-rod or trunnion mounting. They are also fitted with patented lubrication ports that facilitate regular maintenance without requiring disassembly, recalibration or removal from machinery, thus reducing downtime and enhancing productivity.

Follow the link to watch a video about the DA99 linear roller screw actuators.

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