Servo electric cylinders gain momentum in replacing pneumatics

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Servo electric cylinders gain momentum in replacing pneumaticsDunkermotoren says its CASM servo electric cylinders are increasingly being specified by machine builders as an alternative to pneumatic cylinders where there is a need to improve performance, increase output and minimise downtime and product rejections.

Engineers seeking to achieve these goals are aware of the potential cost-saving benefits that can be achieved by replacing traditional pneumatic cylinders with electromechanical alternatives. Dunkermotoren's CASM series of electric cylinders are powered by brushless DC motors and are said to be excellent for applications requiring fast and powerful movements.

CASM electric cylinders are particularly advantageous for replacing pneumatic cylinders where there is also a need to reduce contamination, maintenance and noise. They also eliminate the need for hoses, compressors and other equipment associated with operating pneumatic cylinders.

Integration into existing systems is simplified because the CASM electric cylinders are supplied as a complete package with features such as a user-interface that enables easy setup and operation, even by non-experts.

Specifications and options

Whether the need is for high speed, high force or precision, CASM linear servo actuators are highly versatile and can be used for many diverse applications. They are available in three modular options, namely the CASM-32, CASM-40 and CASM-63, all of which are specifically designed to seamlessly fit standard footprints of pneumatic cylinders. Stroke lengths range from 50mm to 800mm, load capacities from 300N to 5400N, and speeds from 60mm/s to 1060mm/s, depending on the model.

Aside from the various mounting configurations offered, customers can also specify the ball screw or lead screw version of their choice.

From packaging to factory automation or food and beverage, the CASM fits many different applications in various industries and is well suited to applications requiring precise and reliable repetitive motion. Full application support is available and custom units can be developed to satisfy particular demands.

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