Parallel guidance of corrugated tube simplified with an e-chain

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Parallel guidance of corrugated tube simplified with an e-chainigus has enhanced its E4.1 modular e-chain system to provide a system for guiding corrugated tube in parallel. Named E4.1 TUB, the new side sections of the outer links have a clip that enables PMAClips to be easily attached. In this way, a corrugated tube can be routed in parallel to an energy chain quickly and without tools.

Justin Leonard, the-chain director, igus says: “Machine builders often want to route something outside the e-chain to allow rapid, easy access. A typical example would be where individual hoses or cables have significantly shorter service life than the other media – here corrugated tube is often used.”

Previously the corrugated tube was bolted to the chain using clamps, which is time-consuming and over time can become loose. The new E4.1 TUB side links allow a corrugated tube to be clipped directly to the e-chain, simplifying and improving cable guidance without need for costly retrofit or even replacement of existing systems, and without significantly increasing installation space.

The TUB clip links are available for all four E4.1 sizes, in combination with eight different sizes of corrugated tubes. The side links can also be retrofitted on existing E4.1 energy supply systems. Attachment to the e-chain and assembly of the corrugated tubes can be carried out without tools, making both assembly and removal very simple. The entire system is designed to work together very smoothly and has been extensively tested for long service life in the igus test laboratory.

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