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SMAC 'Soft Land' moving coil actuators at LG MotionLG Motion is promoting the SMAC range of moving coil actuators with ‘Soft Land’ technology. Linear motion products supplied by LG Motion are all about moving things “in and out, up and down and round and round.” It is clear then that a lot of thought has to be given to dealing with issues of speed, positioning, accuracy and repeatability.

In pick-and-place assembly operations all of the above, and more, can be achieved by the SMAC range of moving coil actuators.

Key features of the SMAC actuators are compact size, light weight, very high speed, high precision and accuracy and combine programmable force, position and velocity in both linear and rotary axes at the same time.

The SOFT LAND patented technology allows a unit to land very gently on a delicate component with a controlled force and thus avoids damage to the item being handled.

High-speed and high-volume pick-and-place applications demand absolute repeatability, and the performance capability of the LAR31 series is impressive:

  • Accurate repeatable positioning to +/- 3 encoder counts, shaft run-out ≤30μm
  • Long life with in excess of 100 million life cycles for maintenance-free operation
  • The vacuum passage built in the shaft through the rotary motor prevents the build-up of dust in the unit

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