Trim-Trio circular bayonet connectors simplify inventories

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Esterline Connection Technologies – Souriau’s offering of Trim-Trio circular connectors features a wide variety of insert arrangements for plastic, metal, and bi-metal connectors. They are fitted with 16 and 20 gauge contacts for signal, coaxial, and fibre-optic connections, and 12 and 8 gauge contacts for power connections. Trim-Trio simplifies the management of contact and shell inventories and provides cost-effective options for multiple industrial markets.

The design of the Trim-Trio connectors is based on a simple concept: enable manufacturers to use a single type of contact for different types of connector in order to simplify the management of their shell and contact inventories and tailor their connectors to specific applications. For example, a plastic, metal, or bi-metal connector may be used in different environments, but the form-factor of the insert arrangement is the same and the connectors are both interchangeable and intermateable.

In order to optimise interconnection costs, the contacts on these connectors are available either stamped and formed or machined and are supplied on carrier strips or in bulk packaging. Several surface treatments are also available. Depending on the desired electrical characteristics and the mechanical loads that will be generated, the contacts may be gold- or tin-plated, or receive a combined surface treatment.

The offering’s coaxial contacts and fibre-optic contacts meet requirements for high-speed signals and optical signals. All the contacts in the offering are easy to crimp using Souriau’s standard tools.

Industrial products have increasingly shorter life cycles. For example, products manufactured for measurement, lighting, and water-management purposes only last between three and four years. Although the overall design of a product may be suitable, it is sometimes necessary to go upmarket or reduce costs. Connections must be able to follow pace and shift from plastic to metal, or vice versa. Because they are interchangeable and intermateable, Trim-Trio cylindrical connectors meet these challenges.

Trim-Trio cylindrical connectors with one-third-turn bayonet locking ring are available in three versions: UTS (all-plastic), UTG (metal and plastic), and UTO (metal). Their interchangeability and intermateability mean that you can switch connector families without having to redesign the connector. In addition, the connectors can be tailored to environmental, electrical, and mechanical constraints. Retrofitting has also been simplified.

The main features include IP68/69K sealing, UV resistance of more than 1000 hours, more than 500 mating cycles, and various levels of impact and vibration resistance depending on the version.


Esterline Connection Technologies -– Souriau’s Trim-Trio offering of circular connectors also features an array of accessories for industrial needs. The plugs may be fitted with plastic or metal cable-gland connectors, cable clamps, connectors with shielding plugs for increased electromagnetic performance, and even overmolded straight or bent cables for creating complete harnesses.

All Trim-Trio ranges combined, Esterline Connection Technologies – Souriau sells some 2.5 million products around the world every year. This global success is due not only to the diversity, complementarity, quality of manufacturing, and reliability of the Trim-Trio ranges, but also to the fact that Trim-Trio makes life easier for manufacturers and reduces their inventory ownership costs. Go to for further information.

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