New 3-axis accelerometer from Hansford Sensors

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New 3-axis accelerometer from Hansford SensorsHansford Sensors is launching a new high-performance triaxial vibration sensor, capable of providing simultaneous measurement in three axes. Called the HS-173R, the new accelerometer has been developed specifically for use with the latest generation of route-based and stand-alone data collectors, which increasingly require multichannel inputs from a range of permanently or temporarily mounted sensors.

The HS-173R uses proven technology, based on an electromechanically coupled piezo-electric sensor mechanism, protected in a robust stainless steel capsule. This has been designed to provide a reliable, compact and lightweight device, capable of providing consistent and repeatable measurements, with excellent frequency response and a settling time of just 1.0 seconds.

Hansford’s HS-173R has an AC output via a standard M12 connector, is sealed to IP67 and can be used in wide range of applications within an operating temperature range from -55degC to +130degC.

The new HS-173R accelerometer is available with a choice of options, including a range of operating sensitivities from 10mV/g to 500 mV/g, different mounting threads and an aluminium rather than stainless steel enclosure.

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