3D camera system is easier to implement and more versatile

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3D camera system is easier to implement and more versatileIDS is introducing the new Ensenso X 3D camera system that makes 3D vision applications – such as 3D object recognition, localisation and classification – easier to implement and more versatile. The system comprises a powerful 100W projector unit with an integrated GigE switch on which two 1.3 megapixel cameras can be mounted at different distances. This facilitates a range of working distances and angles, enabling images of larger objects to be captured, ranging from whole pallets to entire rooms. The variety of applications includes anything from bin picking to warehouse and logistics automation. The Ensenso X36 also features the FlexView2 projector, which ensures an even better spatial resolution as well as accommodating dark, shiny or reflecting surfaces.

The Ensenso X series initially features the X30 and X36 models. The 3D camera systems comprise a projector unit and two GigE uEye CP industrial cameras with 1.3 megapixel resolution mounted on special brackets, which are available in different lengths. The angle of view of both cameras can be configured and there is a choice of various C mount lenses for the camera and projector. This flexibility facilitates a wide range of working distances of up to approximately 5m.

Using the powerful 100W projector, the 3D camera system projects a random pattern of dots on the object to be captured. The pattern enables images to be captured of surfaces that have almost no texture at all. The Ensenso X36 has a FlexView2 projector that can be moved by several 'levels' to a preset level using a piezo-mechanical process. An image pair with an offset projection pattern is captured on every 'level' before the individual images are combined to form a single image of the 3D point cloud with a corresponding higher resolution. This makes object contours more precise, images more detailed and 3D data more robust.

Like all models of the Ensenso camera series, the Ensenso X is also easy to set up and operate using the relevant software development kit. One of the new features is the setup wizard for quickly focusing and calibrating the 3D cameras.

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22 March 2017

IDS Imaging Development Systemsvisit website
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