Packaging machine design success - it's a wrap

Based in Switzerland, Fromm Packaging Automation specialises in strapping and film-forming production machinery designed for a wide range of end users. Camozzi worked with them recently and helped solve a design challenge on a new automatic strapping machine for high-performance aluminium rims

The instability and variability of the palletised loads being presented to the strapping machine created a requirement for Fromm to manage specific variable points of the process with different strap application pressures, whilst simultaneously carrying out double strapping. Following this process, the machine then needed to rotate the pack of palletised rims through 90° so that another set of double straps could be applied in order to guarantee the stability and security of the laden pallet whilst being shipped to various parts of the world. 

As with many projects handled by Fromm, the requirement was to design a turnkey machine using a variety of mechanical and electrical components together with associated control software, which is where Camozzi entered the picture.  

To help execute the strapping phases in different positions, one of two machine heads moves between two arcs, driven and positioned by six electric Camozzi Series 5E linear actuators. In order to reduce machine dimensions, these are positioned three on each side. The choice of the 5E electric actuator allowed Fromm to minimise the overall dimensions of the machine whilst still achieving the speed and accuracy required as each cycle progressed. Camozzi says that “The excellent positional accuracy coupled with the speed of the units proved particularly attractive to Fromm” on this application. The machine’s operating parameters are constantly monitored by the accompanying QSet software designed by Camozzi: it manages the configuration of all it products in electrical actuation processes (and more) and assures complete control of the movement and positioning of the opposing bayonets on the machine.

Fromm turned to Camozzi for linear actuation solutions
Fromm turned to Camozzi for linear actuation solutions

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