PAX2A display meter can be programmed with Crimson 2.0

Red Lion Controls says that the newest release of its free Crimson 2.0 software can now be used to program the company's PAX2A dual-line display panel meter. Adding to the easy front panel key programming already possible with the PAX2A, users can now also program the meter with simple mouse clicks and drop-down menus via a PC/laptop and the meter's built-in USB port.

Eight simple programming windows guide users through various parameters, such as input set-up, display format and output format. The program file can be saved on a computer, facilitating easy recall at a later date. Users can also extract and save an existing program from a meter. The program can then be downloaded to other meters, making duplicate setups simple and fast.

Jeff Thornton, Red Lion Product Manager, comments: "Designed for ultimate application flexibility, the PAX2A Dual Line Display Meter allows visualisation of two distinct parameters simultaneously. The versatile design of the PAX2A allows users to stock up on just one type of meter for numerous applications, and now it is even easier to program multiple PAX2A meters with Crimson software."

The PAX2A meter features two lines for displaying input, total, minimum, maximum and/or setpoints. The main display "" a 0.7inch high, six-digit LCD line "" can be set to red, orange and green, which can be tied to the setpoints to deliver easy-to-read visual indication of changing application conditions. The second line, a 0.35inch high, nine-digit green LCD, also provides visual indication of one of the application parameters.

Follow the links for more information about the PAX2A and to download a free copy of the Crimson 2.0 software.

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