PETA portable torque analyser gains new features

The revolutionary Laptop- and PDA-based portable torque analysis system, PETA, has been improved yet again with the release of Version 4. This version still provides users with facilities for collecting data, performing SPC analysis, displaying results in Microsoft Excel and producing calibration certificates to ISO 6789:2003 standard; but the following enhancements in PETA V4 takes portable calibration a step further.

The addition of Microsoft Outlook integration is said to ensure tool recalibration dates are never missed. And the new primary test feature offers users of power tools a quick and simple 'ok' 'not ok' reading, providing traceability for internal quality standards.

ISO 6789 test mode has been further enhanced with the introduction of the 'Change Transducer' option. Transducers can be changed mid-test, allowing greater torque ranges to be covered.

PETA V4 provides users with the confidence that their threaded fastener tightening objectives are being met time after time. Version 4 is available now.

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