PLC module for integrated motors gains more functions

JVL's nano-PLC module, which is compatible with all JVL MAC motors, has been updated to provide extended functionality. The new features include a 'Calculator' with +, -, * and / operators through which all motor registers and variables can be included in calculations.

Another new item is an even more advanced feature: branching - a conditional jump via which the program jumps to a specific line of code, depending on the result of a comparison of two registers.

In all, a total of 16 different command types are now available as well as Remarks and Binary Commands

The user-interface is still the familiar point-and-click method of programming - and therefore remains very easy to use.

With its eight digital inputs, four digital outputs and one analogue input, the Nano-PLC module is particularly well suited to standalone applications and as an intelligent slave in larger systems. As a slave, the module can receive serial commands - eg move instructions - and at the same time monitor locally connected signals, typically from sensors.

The nano-PLC module is available in three hardware models: with SubD connector (MAC00-R1), with cable glands (MAC00-R3), and with M12 connectors (MAC00-R4). All three have the same I/O set.

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