Precision hexapod designed for nano-positioning applications

This high-resolution 6-axis robotic stage from PI is compact, works in any orientation, and is said to be ideal for any application that requires precision motion in 4, 5 or 6 degrees of freedom – from life sciences to aerospace engineering.

The H-840.G2IHP micropositioning robot is equipped with brushless precision motors for high performance and high duty cycle applications. Designed for multi-axis alignment and positioning applications in fields such as optics, photonics, aero-space, and bio-medical engineering, the hexapod micro-robotic stage provides 6 degrees of freedom, step resolution of 20 nanometers, repeatability to ±0.1 micrometers, 40kg load capacity, and travel ranges to 100mm (linear) and 60° (rotation).

Addressing all six degrees of freedom means that this compact micropositioning robot can provide linear motion in X, Y, Z as well as rotations in Theta-X, Theta-Y, and Theta-Z (pitch, yaw, roll).

According to PI, the advantage of the Stewart Platform parallel kinematic design over traditional 5-axis and 6-axis stages is the fact that there is only one moving platform, supported by six closed-loop actuators. This parallel operation also provides identical dynamics for all 6 axes, in contrast to traditional multi-axis stacked-stages, where each stage sees a different load, and the motor on the bottom stage has to move the mass of its own motion platform as well as up to 5 additional stages stacked on top.

The design symmetry of the hexapod Stewart Platform also enables a large central aperture and eliminates the need for dragged cables – there are only two stationary external connections for power and data going to the fixed bottom platform.

PI says these advantages, combined with long-life brushless motors, low friction ball-screw actuators and ultra-stiff cardanic joints, make the H-840 six-axis stage ideal for automated industrial precision alignment applications. A powerful 6-axis motion controller with built-in multi-axis alignment routines and a host of software examples and drivers reduces the startup time and facilitates integration into existing control structures.

PI’s hexapod 6-axis motion controllers and hexapod software make the hexapods easy to program, allow the user to change the centre of rotation with one command, and come with high level alignment functions built in. PI’s hexapod motion simulator software calculates the limits of workspace and load capacity, thereby ensuring the hexapod you choose will handle the loads, forces, and torques in your application.

PI (Physik Instrumente) Ltd

Trent House, University Way
Cranfield Technology Park
MK43 0AN

+44 (0)1234 756360

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