Precision rotary actuators offer high power and torque

A new range of powerful high-precision rotary actuators with nominal output torques from 50-500 Nm is now available from Heason Technologies. Based on the innovative TwinSpin gearbox from Spinea featuring a trochoidal gear reduction system with an integral heavy-duty axial/radial bearing set, the new range takes full advantage of the bearing reducers' exceptional output torque-to-size ratio by combining its robust sealed housing with three motor technologies from Heason's comprehensive range. The new rotary actuators cover a broad selection of price- and performance-matched alternatives with flexible, space-saving mounting configurations to suit a wide range of applications.

Users can select from thin-ring brushless torque motors for outstanding performance and minimal envelope size with an optional large diameter through-hole, or flat pancake-style brushed motors for exceptional slow-speed and ultra-fine position control. The range is also available with conventional brushless servomotors for high-performance, cost-competitive applications.

Heason offer a wide range of motion controls to provide optimum positioning performance for the new range and, in addition, an extensive choice of linear and rotary positioning mechanics is available for complete motion systems.

Heavy-payload, high-precision applications

The new range is designed to address the needs of some of the most demanding applications for heavy-payload, high-precision motion control across manufacturing and test, scientific research, aerospace and defence industries. The combination of very high-inertia loads with precise angular positioning is a prerequisite for an increasing number of applications such as robot bases and joints, transfer assembly and welding machinery, machine tools and motion simulation equipment. Furthermore, the need to combine high-payload rotary positioning with a clear aperture or large through-hole to accommodate machine electrics/hydraulics/pneumatics or lasers and general work handling systems is increasing as machine design evolves. The new actuator range is particularly suitable for such applications typically called for in laser scanning and welding systems, machine tool 'C' axis, and military/aerospace or commercial simulation platforms.

The range covers three nominal TwinSpin gearbox frame sizes with outer diameters from 70-170 mm, with a choice of flange- and face-mounting as well as through-hole input/output shaft options. Rated output torque is from 50-500 Nm with a choice of reduction ratios from around 30:1 to over 140:1. The gear reducer design features acceleration/braking torque values of at least 100 per cent above nominal and with a very generous emergency stop overload torque in excess of 500 per cent.

Comparative test results, available from Heason Technologies, show that the TwinSpin, thanks to its innovative 50 per cent trochoidal tooth engagement, has over 100 per cent more torque rating (continuously rated, acceleration and emergency) than similar-sized competitive gearboxes. Other advantages include an increased maximum input speed, lower input inertia, more than double the axial/radial force and tilting moment with similar measured values for tilting rigidity and torsional stiffness.

Proven performance

All of the drive motor options for the range are 'tried and tested' by Heason over many years and applications. Thin-ring torque motors from USA manufacturer Emoteq have been engineered to provide very high output torques with minimal cogging, providing both smooth speed and precise position control. As the design is based upon separate rotor and stator assemblies with a thin annular ring and a large diameter-to-length ratio, the resulting actuators using these motors have very compact dimensions with an inherent through-hole design and extremely high torque-to-inertia and torque-to-size ratings.

AST flat pancake motors use a very low inertia, ironless armature that allows the motors to accelerate from 0-3000rpm in a 45-degree turn of the motor shaft. With excellent slow-speed control capability and with built-in tachometer and brake options available, these motors are particularly well suited to the compact bearing reducer design.

For solid-shaft output applications, the range makes full use of Danaher's AKM series brushless servomotors to provide a wide choice and extensive flexibility at competitive prices. The range is available in a variety of windings to suit global voltages and is optimised for use with Kollmorgen S200, S300 and S600 high-performance servo drives, also available from Heason

The complete range is available in standard options or custom-designed to match specific application requirements.

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