R-GAGE radar sensors for reliable detection outdoors

Banner Engineering is expanding its line of R-GAGE QT50R radar sensors with four new models to reliably detect moving or stationary objects. Designed to meet flexible application requirements and weather conditions, the enhanced line of radar sensors are suitable for collision avoidance on mobile equipment, outdoor crane-to-crane proximity detection, high-volume parking and vehicle detection and flatbed or box truck detection at loading docks.

Operating with Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar, R-GAGE QT50R sensors provide accurate object detection of stationary and moving targets by providing distance and speed measurement. The sensors function in Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) telecommunication band, with no special licence required. For enhanced protection, R-GAGE sensors feature rugged, IP67-rated housing to withstand harsh environments.

Jeff Curtis, Business Development Manager, Banner Engineering, says: "The introduction of the new R-GAGE QT50R radar sensors significantly expands our capability to accommodate our customers' diverse detection requirements. With single and dual independent sensing zones, sensing ranges up to 24 meters and easy, versatile installation options, R-GAGE radar sensors provide flexible performance in virtually any outdoor weather condition."

The expanded R-GAGE QT50 line includes:

  • R-GAGE QT50R-AFH Adjustable Field, High-Sensitivity: Higher sensitivity, longer range and adjustable sensing field to ignore objects beyond the setpoint ensure reliable collision avoidance on board mobile equipment, such as reach stackers, forklifts and mining vehicles
  • R-GAGE QT50R-AF2W Adjustable Field, Dual-zone Waveguide: A narrow beam pattern and two independent, adjustable sensing zones enable accurate detection for collision avoidance and outdoor crane-to-crane proximity
  • R-GAGE QT50R-AFS Adjustable Field, Short Range: High sensitivity, short range and adjustable sensing field to ignore objects beyond the setpoint provide reliable detection for high-volume car parking and other vehicle detection applications
  • R-GAGE QT50R-RH Retroreflective High Sensitivity: The retrowave reference signal and output recognise weak targets in the foreground or for loss of retroreflective target, while ignoring objects in the background beyond the retroflective target. The sensor detects stationary targets with poor or no radar reflection, including flatbed or box trucks at loading docks or overhead sensing of vehicles in exit lanes

To learn more about Banner's R-GAGE radar sensors, visit www.bannerengineering.com.

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