Rectangular micro miniature connectors meet ESA requirements

C&K Components has developed a family of rectangular micro miniature connectors tested in accordance with ESA specifications. Designated the MDMA series, the connectors are fully interchangeable with ESA Micro D Connectors (ESA ESCC specification 3401-029) and MIL-DTL-83513 products and feature removable crimp contacts that also meet ESA requirements.

Gilles Parguey, high-reliability connector product manager for C&K Components, says: "MDMA series connectors are one of the only Micro D devices available with removable contacts for space applications. The removable crimp contacts provide customers with increased versatility, as they can adjust and crimp the cable diameter and length during final assembly to meet specific application requirements."

The MDMA series connectors are suitable for use in flight equipment, payloads and harnesses, satellites and launchers, as well as engineering models, ground equipment and testing. The connectors are also specified for medical and high-reliability military and aerospace applications.

Using twist pin contact technology, the MDMA connectors are available in 9-, 15-, 25- and 37-way configurations and are compatible with 26-28AWG wire. The crimp tool is based on the D-sub connector crimp tool concept. A dedicated cable locator is available and contact extraction tools are delivered with each connector. Optional interfacial moisture and humidity sealing is available on request.


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