Robotiq program templates make industrial automation even easier

Robotiq is offering new tools to help collaborative robots beginners save a lot of time programing their robot. Program templates are now available and ready to be downloaded on Robotiq's online resource centre. They simplify the robot's programming so it can be put to task in a record time.

Robotiq Integration coach David Gariépy explains: "Even the simplest robot on earth requires to be programmed. We pre-programmed the most currently used features to offer a user-friendly solution that helps many people at the same time. The basic coding is already done so new operators have something to start with."

The Program Templates facilitate the implementation of many common applications using Robotiq products and UR robots. Every package includes a program file containing the template for a specific application, a step-by-step procedure describing how to use the application itself, and a demonstration video.

These new program templates, built with the "˜Do It Yourself' mantra in mind, allow automation pros beginning with collaborative robots to hit the ground running with a pre-built program structure that is easier to adapt to their production's specific needs. Four program templates are now available on Robotiq's website, with a new program expected to come out every week.

Stay tuned for more and feel free to ask your questions and suggest new program templates at the DoF community. Get Robotiq program templates here. More questions? Visit the Robotiq Resources centre.


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