Rope-pull emergency stop switches span up to 200m

Rope pull emergency stop switches are typically used to protect workers along exposed conveyors or around awkwardly-shaped machinery. But effective implementation can sometimes prove problematic; achieving the right balance between effectiveness and minimal nuisance tripping often requires the use of many different types of switches, which increases inventory and complexity.

Thanks to the new ER series rope-pull emergency stop switches from Omron Scientific Technologies Inc, which can provide emergency stop signaling over spans from 40 to 200m, users can now reduce the number of different switch types required without compromising performance.

The ER series switches feature a heavy-duty IP67 (NEMA 6) die-cast housing and stainless steel eye nut. Designed for a minimum of one million operations, an advanced bellows design – which is claimed to be unique to the ER series – delivers improved robustness and environmental sealing, making it suitable for use in harsh indoor environments – including water washdown – or in outdoor applications.

Four models are available in the ER series: the ER1032 and ER1022 offer 200m and 125m spans, respectively, and feature four normally-closed safety contacts and two normally-open auxiliary contacts, while the ER6022 and ER5018 – at 80 and 40m maximum spans, respectively – are available with two normally-closed and one normally-open, or three normally-closed contact arrangements.

ER series switches feature several innovations that add to their effectiveness. When activated by either a pull or loss of tension in the rope, a blue reset button must be pushed in order to return it to a 'machine run' condition. A positive, snap-action operation helps to protect against nuisance tripping due to vibration. All models have a highly visible and easy-to-read tension indicator that makes set-up and maintenance quick and simple. Installation is further simplified with the RK series of rope installation kits, with all-stainless steel components and pre-cut lengths of cable.

All four models are available with an integral top-mounted, metal E-stop button that provides additional emergency stop capability at the switch end of the installation. ER series rope-pull switches are also available with a dual-indicator LED beacon that can be user-configured to flash red or glow a constant green to indicate the status of the switch. Models ER1022 and ER1032 are supplied with this indicator beacon in the lid; the ER6022 with an 80m span is available with the indicator beacon as an option.

Explosion-proof versions are available for three of the four models, designated the XER1022, XER1032 and XER6022. The ER and XER series conform to all European safety standards, and the ER series is cUL Listed to satisfy the demands of the typical applications on conveyors, across rotating machinery and around hazardous areas.

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