Safety light curtains for low-risk and medium-risk applications

Smartscan is launching the 5K8 series safety light curtains for low-risk and medium-risk applications requiring EN ISO 13849-1 PL d control equipment. For customers currently specifying or using Smartscan 5000AP series safety light curtain, the 5K8 devices have been designed as plug-and-play replacements.

5K8 series safety light curtains comprise Transmitter (Tx) and Receiver (Rx) heads. In addition, an integrated inverted 'T' and 'L' shaped guards are available for safeguarding pallet entry/exit zones on fully automated packaging machinery such as palletisers and shrink wrappers. Two-, three- and four-beam models are also available for safeguarding the perimeter of machines; these have a scanning range of 4-40m. The list of accessories includes safety inductive loop control boxes, reset stations and mounting stands.

All models feature an interface cable that connects the transmitter to the receiver unit, and a user cable for interfacing with the machine control panel. The system includes cross-beam muting for simple installation, with a range of 1.25-3.5m.

As well as safety output relay contacts (dual-channel), the 5K8 light curtains include a status output relay contact. There is also a safety monitored guard override facility and mute lamp output.

Follow the link for more information about the 5K8 Series safety light curtains.

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