Schmersal highlights safe wireless system

The 2007 Machine Building exhibition gives machine design engineers the opportunity to see the latest products on offer from Schmersal, including the all-new ESALAN Wireless, which the company has integrated into a fairground attraction to showcase its versatility.

The ESALAN Wireless safety system is an innovative addition to Schmersal's range of switchgear and systems designed to protect man and machine. Instead of traditional cables, the wireless safety system uses radio waves via a handheld controller to signal safety-critical devices. This makes it suitable for applications in HF-critical factory environments. The system's signal, which can be used for safety-stop controls, three-phase enabling switches and other devices, meets the requirements of control category 4 to EN 954-1.

Up to fourteen wireless safety systems can be integrated into a typical factory and operated in direct proximity. Each handheld controller has a free-field range of up to 250m and an operating life of 50 hours.

Advantages include: reduced machine downtime caused by damaged cables; improved productivity by allowing operators more freedom of movement; cost savings by replacing discretely wired decentralised operating stations; and the replacement of cables, slip rings and similar components that are subject to wear and tear.

Other Schmersal products on show are the TVS410 safety hinge switch, the CSS34 safety sensor, and the AZM200 non-contact solenoid interlock.

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