Sensors measure force, displacement, pressure and acceleration

Vishay Intertechnology is launching Micro-Measurements hybrid sensors for measuring force, displacement, pressure and acceleration. These miniature, lightweight sensors consist of foil strain gauges that are bonded to flat substrates made of metal, polymer or composites. Mass production is performed using the same manufacturing equipment that Vishay Micro-Measurements uses to make its precision strain gauges. The result is hybrid sensors with consistent performance characteristics from batch to batch at an economical price for high-volume applications.

One of the principal advantages of the new hybrid sensors is the elimination of adhesive bonding by end users. Hybrid sensors can be attached via mounting holes with screws, via spot welding or via clamping. Simplified assembly operations and consistent hybrid sensor performance are said to enable significant productivity gains.

The sensors are also available with pre-attached lead wires and connectors, which further simplifies handling by eliminating the need for soldering. Miniature signal amplifiers are available either as separate components or attached to the sensors.

Vishay says the hybrid sensors are suitable for high-volume OEM requirements. In the industrial sector, the hybrid sensors are suited for use in a wide range of products and systems, including elevators, tank monitoring, bearing insertion, safety systems, gas and liquid cylinder pressure, and load monitoring. Relevant consumer end products include home appliances (white goods), sporting equipment, hand tools and lawn and garden equipment. Process control applications include HVAC, liquid-level, motor-control and vibration monitoring. Automotive applications include passenger weighing, foot-pedal pressure, seatbelt tension, emergency-brake application, suspension control and engine monitoring. Relevant medical end products include pumps, respirators and personal medical devices.

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