Sit/stand monitor mount with four axes of movement

New from FATH Components is another addition to its Industry 4.0 "˜Lean' range of workstation equipment: a monitor mount, which the company says is packed with new innovations to provide a superior user experience. The new Workstation SIT/STAND monitor mount is fully articulating, offering full freedom of movement in all four axes to provide operators with almost limitless options for monitor viewing whether they are sitting, standing, or even lying underneath something. Thanks to the development of FATH friction technology, the new monitor mount provides completely stepless adjustability in height, presentation angle, tilt and swivel to be certain that it can be orientated and set in the optimum position. Just put it in place and let go is all it takes.

The Sit/Stand monitor mount comes in ready-to-use pre-assembled form, complete with integrated cable management routing and is designed to carry a monitor, mouse, keyboard and scanner so that users have everything they need for their workstation at their fingertips. Ergonomic design features include a recessed grip under the keyboard holder, a wrist-rest to support hands and delay the onset of fatigue, a mouse-rest that can be used by both left and right-handed operators and a folding mechanism on the keyboard holder for space saving. There's even a small tray for odds and ends such as markers or paper clips. Also available as an option is a FATH VESA plate that allows operators to use other displays as required by individual workstations.

FATH Components UK Managing Director David Hayes says: "This new Sit/Stand monitor mount fits direct onto 40mm profile sections and has been designed for ease of use by operators tasked with a variety of jobs. It is extremely light to move in every axis, whether the operator is sitting or standing, and simply stays in position in whatever orientation and angle the user needs at that tim". The company states that the flexibility offered by the new monitor mount renders it suitable for multi-shift or multi-user workstations.

Launched at the same time as the new monitor is another family of new products also just added to the "˜Lean' range from FATH: cable management clips. For users wishing to do away with hook and loop fastening, or avoid the use of unsightly cable ties, the company has introduced its Clip Cable Binders which fit directly to 40mm and 80mm profiles. Mounted direct to the slots on the sections using just a quarter turn fastening, these infinitely re-usable cable binders are available with either a single or double chamber to provide neat, tidy, durable and aesthetically pleasing solution to most cabling needs.

Alternatively, for users keen to avoid the use of cable ties or hook and loop cable fastening, FATH has also launched a new Snap Cable Binder with the "˜Lean' range. These new cable management products simply click into place in the profile channel, providing both routing and strain relief for cables of different sizes. Versions are also available with "˜snap hammer' fittings that are described as well suited for use in panels and sheet materials too.

The new monitor mount and cable management products are added to a substantial FATH product portfolio covering more than 23,000 related items for machine builders, and all may be viewed at the company's website

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