Smalley retaining rings deliver advantages over DIN rings

TFC is supplying its Smalley retaining rings to a German manufacturer of wind turbines, enabling the company to enjoy a number of benefits compared with using traditional DIN rings.

TFC has been working closely with two leading German manufacturers of wind farm technology by supplying Smalley retaining rings for use in wind turbines. Demands made by the European Union on governments to increase the use of natural energy by 20 per cent will mean that many countries will be looking at investing in tested 'green' technologies to replace fossil fuels and less efficient systems.

The retaining rings' main function is to hold the rotor bearing in position in the turbine. TFC's Smalley retaining rings offered many advantages over the alternative DIN retaining rings; the DIN rings were limited to 100mm diameter and often needed specialist tooling. In contrast, the TFC Smalley retaining ring is available in sizes up to 480mm in diameter with a three-week lead-in and no tooling requirement.

Choice of materials - including exotics

Made from extremely durable alloys - including Hastolloy, which is impervious to salt water conditions, and Elgiloy, which is extremely resilient in high-temperature environments - the TFC Smalley retaining ring are an excellent choice for the hostile locations in which many wind farms are sited.

Another benefit of offshore wind farms is the ability to produce drinkable water from salt water using the turbine technology. With global warming a recognised threat, and many countries facing the yearly prospect of drought or water restrictions, the technology could prove to be the answer to a growing problem.

TFC Smalley retaining rings add flexibility to designs, with an increased range of available diameters and ring end configurations, all of which can be supplied at short notice.

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