Step Design supplies pre-assembled, tailored CNC systems

Step Design Ltd is further extending its product and system integration capability by offering pre-assembled tailored CNC (computer numerical control) control systems, including motion controllers (Mach3/4) and servo/stepper drives. The control systems can be easily retrofitted to machines, lathes, mills, routers or special-purpose machines on which an existing CNC control system has failed or which are being retrofitted with CNC for the first time. The tailored CNC control systems can also be integrated within all-new machines. Step Design's services range from design, specification and integration, through to installation, test and commissioning. Ongoing support can also be provided once the machine is operation.

The CNC system for a machine tool would include the control unit as well as the motion-control system such as the servomotors, drives and axis positioning devices. The components may be bought separately and retrofitted later to older machines that are either being upgraded or refurbished. Part of the control system are the sensors, probes and devices that enable the control to make real-time decisions during unattended or lightly attended machining processes; these can be specified but are not part of the cope of supply.

CNC systems tailored to customer requirements

CNC controls can be readily tailored, adapted or modified to suit a customer's particular application. The drive technology comprises a comprehensive range of hardware and software modules that make up the drive controller series. Step Design can assist in selecting, designing, integrating and commissioning drive systems to meet customer requirements.

As a control system supplier, Step Design Ltd ensures that its control system works well with all the major CAD/CAM packages; to this end the company has no allegiance. Numerous processes are available, but the real difference is maintaining collaborative relationships with CAD/CAM companies. SDL says it has good support contacts who work closely with the most well-known CAD/CAM providers to ensure customers' systems work and are supported.

Seamless integration

Step Design specialises in the supply of high-quality, robust control systems that are designed and built to meet customer requirements and expectations. The overall success of each complete system is only made possible by developing partnerships and working relationships with all suppliers and equipment. By creating strong relationships with both customers and suppliers, including providers of ancillary equipment, Step Design ensures complete seamless integration of the entire production cell.

Step Design says it has access to the very best servo motor control systems and associated mechanical options. The products offered are both technically sound and proven automation products. They including AC inverters, servo/stepper drives and various high-resolution feedback systems.

Whether launching a new product or replacing outdated controls on an existing product, Step Design's engineering team will works closely with customers to tailor CNC control packages to suit the hardware. The components of the CNC control packages, which consist of software, signal generator, drive electronics, motors and accessories, can be mixed, matched and customised to drive almost any hardware.

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