Stepper controller includes eight configurable I/Os

JVL is introducing a stepper motor controller with RS485 and CANbus serial interface. Eight I/Os can be configured as inputs, outputs or analogue inputs that can be controlled via a nanoPLC and MacTalk graphic programming. It is possible to perform conditional jump, insert delays, add, subtract, multiply and divide as well as change and save registers, etc.

The compact 57 x 57mm PCB can solve a modern control task either as a standalone controller or controlled from a PLC or PC via serial commands or I/O. Modbus RTU and CANopen provide easy and fast connection to a PLC. For a PC or IPC, an ActiveX/OCX driver is available for simple interfacing to LABview, Excel, VB or other Windows programs. The SMC75 uses the same protocol as the MAC motors and can therefore be connected to the same RS485 bus system.

The PCB has the following features:

  • NanoPLC programming with eight I/O at 24V
  • RS485 up to 962Kbit
  • CANopen DSP 402
  • Modbus RTU
  • Resolution of 1600step/rev
  • Pulse/direction mode
  • Supply 12-48V DC
  • Motor current 0-3A RMS
  • Dual supply for safe emergency stop
  • ActiveX/OCX driver available
  • DeviceNet (under development)

The PCB can be built into a separate instrument or mounted directly on the back of the motor, thus providing a cost-effective device. Alternatively, it can be delivered by JVL in a box with cables or M12 connectors for mounting on a plate or DIN rails.

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