Selecting the right shaft coupling for a given application

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This article from Huco Dynatork outlines the different types of shaft coupling that are available to suit various applications.

How do you select the right coupling for the job? A number of factors have to be taken into account, although typically only a few of these will apply in any given application and their priority will vary. Aside from cost, you need to consider misalignment, torsional stiffness, torque, backlash, bearing loads, life axial movement, rotational speed, size, temperature and electrical isolation.

Whether the need is to compensate for intentional misalignment in light-duty and manual drives or high-precision control in sophisticated positioning system, there is a choice to be made. Both the Oldham and Uni-Lat sliding disc couplings were Huco Dynatork original concepts. The Multi-Beam is another good general-purpose choice with generous angular and radial misalignment compensation for light-duty applications. Similar to the Multi-Beam but with less torsional stiffness and greater radial/angular flexibility is the Single Beam.

Another Huco Dynatork innovation is the Step Beam. This is a beam coupling with stepped radial slots combining the high torsional stiffness of a straight beam coupling with the lateral flexibility of its helical counterpart. The high-precision Membrane Disc and Stainless Steel Bellows have excellent kinematic properties and dynamically balanced construction. The latter is available in three types, providing different combinations of stiffness, radial compensation and axial motion.

Further bellows choices include the Electrodeposited Nickel type offering exceptional integrity of angular position between input and output shafts.

Plastic, magnetic and elastomeric

Huco Dynatork was the first company to introduce Plastic Universal Joints. These large-offset-capacity, light-duty couplings are still much in demand. The exceptionally flexible Double-Loop Elastomer Couplings, Magnetic Friction Clutches with user-adjustable torque, Non-Contact Magnetic, Jaw Power and Miniature Flexible Jaw Couplings, Nylon Sleeve Gear Couplings and Rigid Couplings all combine to provide an extensive choice.

One company that is able to provide a coupling to suit virtually any application is Huco Dynatork. It designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of coupling types to ISO 9002 standards. The range employs a broad variety of different mechanisms for accommodating shaft misalignment, so the best type can easily be supplied. Moreover, if a non-standard product is required, Huco Dynatork can manufacture one.

17 July 2007

Huco (Altra Industrial Motion)visit website
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