Choosing lead screws, ball screws and satellite roller screws

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Abssac offers an extensive range of lead screws, ball screws and satellite roller screws, and this article will help designers select the optimum product for a given application.

Abssac is renowned for its linear motion and power transmission products. With over 25 years of experience, the company's ranges are split into three groups: lead screws, ball screws and satellite roller screws. Each product has its own unique advantages.

Precision lead screws offer high efficiency, a good product finish and are competitively priced. Abssac's cold rolled formed lead screws have the immediate advantage of a work hardened surface on which the load-bearing nut travels. Starting with pre-ground bar stock, the thread form is gradually rolled into the material with increasing pressure, thereby ensuring precise material deformation along the thread form as it is worked. By repeating this process the screw stock work hardens into a product featuring a smooth, near-polished finish with the desired diameter and lead.

If the loads are higher or perhaps the accuracy requirements are greater, Abssac's range of precision rolled ball screws are very economical. Offering C7 accuracy, which is close to that available with ground screws, precision rolled ball screws can provide significant cost savings compared with the more expensive ground ball screw formats. These precision ball screws are available in both metric and imperial leads, and in both left- and right-hand formats.

The satellite roller screw programme, available in the UK exclusively from Abssac, employs matched rollers instead of ball bearings to rotate (or 'satellite') around the screw during actuation. By the nature of the design there are more contact points on the screw for supporting the load compared with a ball screw of the same diameter. In fact the static load can be three times greater than that of ball screws and their lifespan is up to 15 times longer.

Other related products available from Abssac include anti-backlash nuts, ground ball screws, heavy-duty lead screws (power screws), Teflon-coated lead screws and support bearings. Abssac supplies both standard and customised products, as well as providing advice on the most appropriate product to suit a particular project's requirements.

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