White paper: Corrosion protection for high loads

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Of note to machine builders who are designing for potentially hostile environments is that Nord Drivesystems now offers corrosion protection levels normally associated with stainless steel.

White paper: Corrosion protection for high loadsIn the food industry, Standards dictate that plant and machinery as well as the drive technology that is used must be efficiently protected against dirt, moisture, spray water and aggressive media. However, painted systems are prone to even minor damage and do not offer permanent protection, and drive units made from stainless steel can be relatively expensive. nsd tupH corrosion protection treatment from Nord Drivesystems is claimed to be an economical alternative for aluminium drive housings that can considerably prolong the service life of the installed components in harsh environments.

A Nord Drivesystems’ white paper on corrosion-resistant drive solutions for hygienic production can now be downloaded by readers. nsd tupH treatment is available for most of the NORD modular drive system in aluminium, which includes various gear unit series, smooth motors and decentralised drive electronics.

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