Tecno-Elèctric Girona becomes specialised Omron safety integrator
Posted to News on 22nd Aug 2023, 11:42

Tecno-Elèctric Girona becomes specialised Omron safety integrator

Tecno-Elèctric Girona becomes specialised Omron safety integrator

Omron has set up a bespoke Skills-Up Safety Training program for selected European Omron Safety Solution Partners to ensure that they have the full and latest knowledge regarding all the safety aspects of industrial automation. One of the first companies to complete this training program is Tecno-Elèctric Girona (TEG), based in Spain.

Industrial automation can help companies improve efficiency, quality and productivity in an immense range of applications. Automating manual applications also improves worker safety. However, it’s crucial that automated applications are safe at all times and in all conditions.

TEG is a specialist in industrial automation solutions for example for the automotive, food and beverage and pharmaceutical markets. The company aims to develop new and innovative solutions for their customers, always taking advantage of their in-depth knowledge of the technology.

TEG provides complete solutions, from initial design and consultation, through proof of concept, system development, to installation, commissioning and after-sales support. The company implements technologies such as mobile and collaborative robots, motion, vision, traceability, and advanced sensors. At the same time, it needs skilled in-house experts to ensure the safety of the solutions.

To ensure the highest possible level of expertise in Omron safety solutions, TEG decided to enrol in a bespoke safety training program offered by Omron. The Skills-Up Safety Training program consisted of 100 hours of training. Four members from TEG engineering and design department attended the training, using approximately 4 hours per (each) week to complete the training within one year.

The educational program is tailored to the needs of the partner, and is a hybrid of in-person classes and self-learning studies, taking advantage of remote learning options, such as Google Classroom tools. Omron provided training materials such as test panels for hands-on training, and the progress of the participants was followed via job assignments and review videos. The TEG staff attended 100% of the classes and were very pleased with the content and the execution of the training.

Omron is currently establishing a network of System Partners in Europe who are equipped to fulfil the demands of customers for safety automation. Safety solutions require advanced products as well as skilled individuals, and partners with the necessary expertise are particularly vital for complex applications and integration needs. This is especially true for projects that involve complete industrial automation solutions, which include safety features. Such partners must possess knowledge of CE legal and risk assessment procedures and must be competent in all stages, from design and installation to commissioning, verification, and validation.

Lluis Guixeras, operations director at TEG comments: “Safety automation is essential for a correct CE certification. Thanks to the training with Omron, we can execute projects in-house and advise our clients in the best possible way.”

TEG takes pride in being able to offer a complete service, and a complete solution portfolio to their customers. “Safety issue is key at the machine level and the training from Omron gave us the necessary knowledge to ensure safety of all solutions.”

David Combis, engineering manager at TEG adds: “It has been a very rewarding experience and worth investing all the hours. The entire team that has participated in the project has been very happy and has found it very profitable. Our engineers have become aware of the importance of the correct application of safety regulations.”

Josep Plassa, European safety product manager at Omron, comments: “The training is delivered by local safety instructors, using practical exercises with cutting-edge safety equipment and devices for the integrator's laboratory. This brings the safety knowledge and equipment near to the users, ready to act swiftly.

“Thanks to safety automation experts, our integrators can reach additional business, while contributing to a better society by preventing accidents.”

Lluis Guixeras concludes: “We strive to be a quality technological partner for our clients, and for this we work with number one partners worldwide. We except that completing this training will further strengthen our relationship with Omron while helping TEG to provide the safest possible solutions to our customers.”

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