TFC's Smalley linear springs react along a straight line

TFC is promoting its extensive range of Smalley linear springs that offer a selection of spring loads that react along a straight line - unlike conventional helical springs that fit in a circular cavity. This results in a spring that, while located in an axial direction, provides a radial force between mating components.

Linear springs feature a continuous wave form and are produced from spring tempered materials, either carbon steel or 17/7ph stainless steel. Furthermore, they are manufactured using the same technology used for the production of Smalley edge-coiled flat wire wave springs, so they share the same load/deflection characteristics and burr-free edge profile.

Linear springs from TFC are available as standard products with over 200 sizes ready for delivery from stock. However, TFC's engineers can also work with customers to create designs for unique linear springs that are cost-effective even for small quantities because there are no tooling costs. This design service is free-of-charge if required.

TFC has detailed information available for its linear springs, including a catalogue supplement featuring several series that have varying loads but that fit within the same cavity.

Follow the link for more information about Smalley linear springs.

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