Three new high-performance models in spur ovoid gearbox range

Rotalink is broadening its spur ovoid gearbox range with three new progressively sized and torque-rated models that feature ultra-polymer gears and 4-point mounting with ball race front and rear support bearings - for competitively priced, high-performance and low-noise miniature power transmission and positioning applications.

New 312, 332 and 362 models offer output torques of 1.3Nm, 3.0Nm, and 5.0Nm, respectively, and combine to bridge the performance gap between Rotalink's entry level spur-ovoid gearboxes and its advanced, higher-power spur-planetary ovoid models. They offer users an increased and more flexible choice of standard range gearboxes with nominal ratios that range from 6:1 to around 800:1 depending upon the model. In particular, the lower ratios suit applications where a moderate motor input speed is desirable with the benefit of lower noise and increased service life.

The zinc-plated pressed steel gearbox case used in the new models all feature Rotalink's characteristic 4-hole fixing. This well-proven mounting arrangement provides higher-output shaft stiffness and smoother speed than traditional 2-hole fixings, which have a propensity to deflect or oscillate under load.

These new long-life 312, 332 and 362 models also feature high-strength and light-weight ultra-polymer gear materials on stainless steel shafts which contribute to a higher power density rating than steel gear equivalents, with the added benefit of low mechanical noise and competitive pricing. Supported with large front and rear ball race bearings, the output shaft diameters are 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. As with all Rotalink ovoid gearboxes, the new models are lubricated with the superior Mobilgrease 28 which has excellent low and high-temperature performance and is specified for heavily loaded mechanisms used in aviation and other demanding application areas.

Nominal gear case volumes for the new models are just under 45mm × 29mm × 20mm deep for the smaller 312 series, 74 × 52 × 27.5 deep for the mid-range 332 series, and 95 × 60 × 31.5 deep for the largest 362 model.

Rotalink's new gearboxes are available with standard flatted shafts or special shafts with keyway options for the larger 362 model. Other options include threaded eyelets for simplified mounting, customer-specified adapter plates and special non-standard ratios. All of the new models are compatible with Rotalink's new low-cost single-turn absolute encoder which is fitted directly to the rear side of the gearbox output shaft. The encoder features a 0-5V linear analogue output or a 10-bit positional data output via a synchronous serial interface (SSI), and is available in a choice of single-turn or a multi-turn version for up to 32,000 revolutions.

The new 312, 332 and 362 series are part of a wide range of Rotalink designed and manufactured ovoid, inline and planetary gearboxes with torque ratings of up to 28Nm.

Rotalink also manufactures innovative incremental position feedback devices, servo drives and motion controls as well as sourcing competitively priced AC, DC brushed, brushless or specialist motors for complete cost optimised miniature power transmission solutions.

Rotalink's spur ovoid gearbox range can be found on and in the new Rotalink full range catalogue, which is available from the website as a downloadable PDF or in hard copy format on request.

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